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Greg Austin: News

Breakout Band 2014 - August 18, 2014

My song “On Her Mind Again” has been chosen to be included in the TouchTunes Breakout Band 2014 Contest!! You can find the song on 60,000 TouchTunes jukeboxes Nationwide. The winner with the best original song/performance will receive $3,000, a national music promotion on TouchTunes, and the opportunity for a single release via Photo Finish Records. To find my song you can do a search for me or go to Playlists, Breakout Band 2014 and scroll down until you find me. PLEASE play my song as often as you can and tell your family & friends to play it as well!! Thanks in advance for your continued support!!

New Music Finally! - May 9, 2012

We just finished recording the 1st single from "Southern Breeze" last night and I am excited about everyone hearing it! It's called "Motorcycle Cowboy" and was written by my new old friend Gene Miller along with the late great Toby Jacobs. We have big plans for this song so keeping my fingers crossed that it all comes together. Check it out and let me know your thoughts on it. Stay tuned for more to come in the near future!

2011 Sing For Chevy Winner - July 27, 2011

Greg Austin is now the new voice of Herndon Chevrolet in Lexington, SC! He won a contest on FB to write a jingle for the dealership and is now on the airwaves in the Columbia area on radio and TV. Check out the commercial here!

City B's - June 10, 2009

Rarely do I feel the need to take the time to bash a venue or it's owner for doing me or my fans wrong, but this time it can't be helped. I must tell you that I had the worst experience of my 19 year career on May 22 when I was scheduled to play @ CITY BILLIARDS in downtown Aiken. I won't go into details about everything that happened, but let's just say that THE NEW OWNER SUCKS AND IS A MAJOR ASSHOLE! My family, fans, friends and myself have decided to boycott their business until they either shut down or get some new owners because frankly, the current ones do not know how to run a business or to treat their clientele, including Artists like myself. So let this be fair warning for all Performers who want to play there, I wouldn't suggest it at this time until things change. Just some friendly advice from someone who got screwed over! That's my rant for the week, thanks for your support and have a great day!

Greg Austin

1st Annual Greg Austin Country Cruise! - March 23, 2009

It's time to go cruising Country style with Greg Austin & the Carnival Fascination! Ship departs Jacksonville, FL on Sep. 14, 2009 for a 5 day excursion to Key West, FL & Nassau, Bahamas. For more detailed info you can download the Cruise flyer in the Photo Gallery. So come aboard and let's go cruising in 2009!

New T-shirts are finally here! - May 14, 2007

Well I finally got some T-shirts designed and printed and they have been selling like hotcakes!
I will try and post some pics of what they look like here soon but in the meantime if you want to order one, they are available at my live shows or you can send me an email and I will send you one.
I'm pretty happy with them and I think you will be too! Cause Austin says so!

Nashville Star Regionals - November 1, 2006

Well we didn't get the call to make it to the Regional Finals in "Nashville Star", but then again there were alot of talented people who never get as far as I have.
So we'll try again next year!

2nd Round in Nashville Star! - September 3, 2006

Hey ya'll!

I made it to the 2nd round of callbacks at Nashville Star in Atlanta this past Friday, which means that I am now in the running to be a Regional finalist! I will know by the 2nd week in October if I made it so wish me luck!

Nashville Star Auditions - August 31, 2006

After a very long day, I have made it through the first round of auditions. Tomorrow will be another exciting day...wish me luck!

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