City B's

Rarely do I feel the need to take the time to bash a venue or it's owner for doing me or my fans wrong, but this time it can't be helped. I must tell you that I had the worst experience of my 19 year career on May 22 when I was scheduled to play @ CITY BILLIARDS in downtown Aiken. I won't go into details about everything that happened, but let's just say that THE NEW OWNER SUCKS AND IS A MAJOR ASSHOLE! My family, fans, friends and myself have decided to boycott their business until they either shut down or get some new owners because frankly, the current ones do not know how to run a business or to treat their clientele, including Artists like myself. So let this be fair warning for all Performers who want to play there, I wouldn't suggest it at this time until things change. Just some friendly advice from someone who got screwed over! That's my rant for the week, thanks for your support and have a great day! Greg Austin

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