As a songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee I find I am up against tremenndous odds. There are thousands of active songwriters in Nashville, and tens of thousands of songwriters submitting songs from all corners of the globe. Every once in a while, the stars align, a song is written and it lands in the hands of a great artist at the right time and some magic is created. I have had the good fortune of co-writing one of these songs with my co-writer, Parrish Stanton. Our song, DEAR SANTA, found its way into the hands of Rising Country Star Greg Austin while he was selecting music for his second CD. Greg recently recorded DEAR SANTA and there truly was something magical in that studio because this song gives me chills and I have heard it countless times already! Have a look at a note from Greg, and listen to a sound clip from the song. Please send me your feedback. More importantly, call your radio station and ask them to play DEAR SANTA. Have a joyful holiday season and a blessed new year!! Love Ya! Jeff Pedigo” - Jeff Pedigo, Nashville Songwriter
Greg Austin is like Coke--he's the Real Thing! I loved the performance and his voice is really unique enough to cut through at radio. If Greg Austin doesn't become a superstar it sure won't be because I don't believe in his music. I think Greg is probably one of the greatest Americana acts I've ever seen. You can't imagine how great it is to hear an artist who like Mickey Newbury can entertain you with just a guitar and that God given gift--a voice to die for.” - Robert Metzgar--Legends Hall of Fame Producer and Songwriter